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Our agency is specifically designed to provide services for individuals affected by domestic violence and their children. Our program offer emergency 24-hour hotlines, information and referrals, education, support groups, advocacy and accompaniment.

Our agency provides both residential and/or non-residential services. Residential services include access to emergency shelter or a safe dwelling should our shelter not be available, our location is kept confidential for safety purposes.  As a shelter we provide residents with a bedroom, personal hygiene products, food, and clothing

as well as provide advocacy, support groups, give information and referrals as necessary or requested and provide emotional support to residents. We have staff available (24) hours a day at a shelter while there are residents in our shelter.  Our crisis line is available and open 24 hours a day (7) days a week.  We also provide non-residential services with all the above services requested by clients as well.

We are Certified Address Confidentiality Program Assistants (need help, call us).

“Seek out others who have been through some of the same experiences.  Surround yourself with compassionate people who will uplift you and encourage you to keep moving forward in a positive direction.”

-Domestic Violence Survivor

YOU ARE NOT ALONE!  We understand that coming forward and asking for help is often difficult and in most cases intimidating.  You are never alone and we are trained and ready to help you through this temporary crisis.  You deserve to live a life that is free of violence.Domestic Violence is not about a family argument.  Domestic Violence is about criminal behavior.If you think you are being abused, help is available in Person County for you.  If you want information about Domestic Violence, information is available here in Person County.  We have trained advocates that can come and speak to your club, church, groups and or organizations here in Person County.  We are readily available to come and talk with you and your programs about the severity of Domestic Violence and how it affects us all.

Do You Think You May Be At Risk?  Has someone hit you, threatened to hurt you, pushed, shoved, kicked or choked you, maybe locked you up or held you against your will, raped or forced you to have sex against your will, damaged your property, stalked you or maybe even broken into your home?  If any of these are happening or has happened to you, there is help, call our crisis line at 336-599-7233 and break the cycle of violence, together we can make it happen.  IT IS OK TO SPEAK UP.

IF YOU ARE IN IMMEDIATE DANGER CALL 911.  A Police Officer or Deputy Sheriff will respond and investigate.  They can also contact Safe Haven on your behalf and an advocate on call can assist you with immediate emergency services whether it’s safekeeping within the county and or help with finding safe shelter outside of the county.  WHATEVER YOU DO GET OUT BEFORE IT’S TO LATE!



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A special thank you to the grantors that help Safe Haven of Person County continue to make a positive impact.

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